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In early 2015, we were presented with a request to help a client to display a pair of horses’ saddles in a games room. One of the over-riding (pardon the pun) factors, was to do this beautifully! We love it when a project like this comes our way, because the motto for Andrew Nebbett Designs (Bespoke) is “You dream it, we design it, then we make it ….beautifully.

The client (a director of the company SuperDry), is a regular customer of Andrew Nebbett Antiques, came to us to help with this design problem!

Inspired by our range of luxury clothes rails and dressing room fittings, we used the same system to design a fully customisable luxury saddle rack . In this instance, the saddles were very large, hunters’ saddles. Both were beautiful examples of antique saddlery, sourced through Andrew Nebbett Antiques.  The traditional offering of saddle racks on the market were and still are sadly both visually uninspiring and poorly fitting. The system we offer tackles both of these issues, by not only being beautiful to look at (even if we do say so ourselves), but the independent component parts allow the Andrew Nebbett Designs saddle rack to be entirely customised to the size and shape of the saddle it is to support. This is a really significant feature, as it means the saddles are properly supported and so there is no risk of it being marked/dented/damaged or able to droop or curl as there is with poorly fitting racks. The main support and weight of the saddle is supported in the ‘gullet’ where the pressure does not damage the soft underpaying of the saddle.

The client chose a nickel-plated-brass finish, which gives a shiny, polished silver appearance – the perfect contrast to the rich chestnut leather of the saddles. This commission was destined for a rather splendid games room (a ‘man-cave’ of sorts), within a beautiful, period house, built around 1700.  Strong, powerful horses were clearly very prevalent in the family’s lives and the classically simple, strong and handsome design of our saddle rack fitted right in!


Everyone was extremely happy with the end result, the client achieved his goal of beautifully displayed saddles and our team had solved yet another design problem … beautifully!

In this particular instance, the saddle racks were entirely bespoke, specifically made to the size of each saddle.  Our saddle racks are available like this, as a bespoke commission, where we make them to the measurements of your saddle, or alternatively you can buy them in standard sizes through our Ready-to-Go range, available to order here.

Alongside the vintage style saddle rack, we also offer matching bridle rackrug rack (blanket rack), boot racks and more.

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