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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

A renowned firm of interior designers, with whom we have worked on a number of projects, contacted us to assist with the metal cladding of a series of internal doors.

The project was a vast redevelopment venture in Central London, for which various sets of washroom doors needed to be clad in copper and zinc respectively and finished with specific patinas to hone with the interior schemes.

Aged Copper Doors

The doors themselves were custom-made by a third party contractor, to which our team applied the metal panels to the front faces. The metal panels were nailed along their edges which both created a design statement and secured them into place.

The finishes required were particularly specific, with the copper panels finished in a verdigris patina, suggesting hey had been ‘weathered’ for some time, and the zinc panels were finished with an antique patina, also suggestive of having been used (and loved) for years!

Antique Copper Doors

Whilst a long time at the preparation stage (which is often a good thing, as the saying goes “… measure twice, cut once…”), the sheer physical distances between everyone (site, specialist contractors, product manufacturers etc) meant that good communication was key to prevent any delays. Despite the logistical issues, the A.N.D Team delivered on time and to a very happy client!

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