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Andrew Nebbett Designs has created a good number of bespoke clothing rails for the fashion industry over the years.

We were therefore delighted to work on this project for a high end couture brand looking for a mobile and adjustable set of rails for their exclusive and luxurious evening and cocktail dresses, worn by celebrities across the globe.

Working with our design team and our expert craftsmen, our client detailed their requirements: a polished brass portable rail that needed an adjustable height mechanism and braked feet, and that could be easily assembled and disassembled when transporting from location to location.

With their stunning garments ranging in size and length, an adjustable solution was devised using a thumb turn (or dial) on each vertical pole that would allow the height of the top rail to be fully adjustable according to the garments being displayed.

Finished in solid polished brass, with cast-iron castor feet, sprayed gold to match as closely as possible with the brass tubes, the finishing touch was the expertly engraved lettering – a rather tricky and delicate process working on a curved surface!

The result was a elegant, bespoke and personalised set of adjustable and portable clothing rails that worked perfectly with our clients’ luxury and highly coveted garments.

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Bespoke Clothing Rails

Our highly experienced craftsmen can create alternative options in a range of materials and finishes, from antique brass, through to a nickel-plated finish. Contact our design team to talk through your requirements.

Adjustable Clothing Rails

If you’re looking for an adjustable or extending clothing rail, look no further. We can offer a range of options and heights to suit your requirements. The thumb turns can also be created in different shapes or designs. Contact us to discuss your ideas further.

Solid Brass Castor Feet

If there are no budget constraints, we can create a full set of rails with solid brass feet, rather than cast-iron. As with the cast-iron option, these can be braked to ensure no movement once the rail is in situ, affording you the luxury of being able to move them with ease when required.

Custom Brass Engraving

We can offer an engraving service enabling you to personalise or brand elements of your clothing rails. As well as adding personalisation to the top rail, you could opt for adding a name or your company logo to the thumb turns or the vertical tubes. The choice is yours!

Bespoke Bridal Gown Rails

The classic and timeless style of our clothing rails is perfect for boutiques and bridal businesses looking to display their garments with elegance. For heavier garments, such as wedding gowns, we can carefully reinforce our products to accommodate the required weight. Talk to us about your wishes and let us create something beautiful and bespoke.

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