Custom Made Solid Brass & Glass Luxury Side Tables - Andrew Nebbett Designs

Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

Our team was contacted in the hope that we could help to ‘rescue’ a project in which our client had been let down in the production of a matching pair of custom-made brass and glass side tables for a luxury redevelopment project. 

Whilst we weren’t wearing any ‘shining armour’, we were none-the less very happy and able to oblige! The requirement was for the bespoke designing and production of a pair of side tables which embraced a modern Regency/Edwardian style, whilst retaining simplicity and elegance.

The tables were specified in a polished brass finish with clear, toughened glass surfaces. Each table was to feature a table top along with a lower shelf. It was very important to the client that the glass surfaces (top and lower shelf) were located at the correct level in relation to the framework. To this end, our team worked with the client to ensure that the glass surfaces were flush with the upper levels of the brass framework by using a fixing method which was both minimal and discreet. 

The completed tables are particularly elegant and fine, with the delicate, yet sturdy framework enabling the light to flow and reflect off of the polished brass and glass surfaces. 

If you have a similar requirement for beautiful side tables, whether of a comparable design, or totally different, please contact our team to discuss how we can help. 

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