Custom Made Four Poster Bed | Andrew Nebbett Designs

Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

A long-standing client was seeking a ‘statement’ four-poster bed for a project in Russia. The client’s initial desire was for a four-poster, constructed from long sections of faux-bamboo in solid brass. There was a technical challenge with this initial concept, as solid brass is particularly heavy and spread over the distances required for a bed would likely mean the lengths would bow in the middle. Some time was then spent working with the interior designers to come up with an alternative design which retained the spirit of the scheme, whilst being structurally sound… the result was ‘a bed fit for a king’!
The design incorporates painted steel with solid brass ring detailing, custom-made feet and bespoke upholstered head-board and panelling to hone with the room. The entire bed was made by hand, by our team of craftsmen.

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