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History shows that the humble pot rack has been part of life as early as the 1700s, helping to organise kitchens around the globe.  Early pot rack designs were often made from heavy metals such as wrought iron, with alternative designs in wood appearing later.

A Vintage Pot Rack

The pot rack has seen fluctuations in popularity and design. In the 19th century they were seen almost only in large estate country kitchens and larger farmhouses. As we entered the 20th century the kitchen, as we now recognise it, became a part of the house that the owners used and staff were no longer needed (let alone afforded)! With this change came the start of the fashion of cooking and enjoying family time together in the kitchen…and the fashion for the humble pot rack reappeared! Cook books from the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s often show racks laden with many copper pans…. a certain indicator of your cookery knowledge and skills!

The Pot and Pan Rack (thanks to the kitchen revival)…

In the 1980’s and 1990’s some kitchen design became so pared-down and hidden, that you could not even tell you were standing in an actual kitchen !

Thanks to Jamie Oliver, Gordon Ramsay and TV chefs à volonté, we are now in a time when cooking and kitchens are seeing a revival to hard core heating, beating, blending and bread making and the pot rack is back !!

An Overhead Pot Rack

One of our latest commissions was indeed to produce a large pot rack for a period property in the Home Counties.  The request from the client was to design a stylish and elegant pot rack made entirely from solid and thick walled brass in a satin finish.  This brass pot rack was to be accompanied by a full compliment of large satin brass ‘S’ hooks to suspend the range of pots and pans in matching style!

This contemporary metal pot rack  has been entirely made to measure, with bespoke brass components produced to order.
We regularly produce bespoke pieces which are made completely to our clients’ wishes. We offer guidance to our clients as to the best practices in terms of the construction of each piece, but ultimately the design choices are defined by our clients.

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