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Luxury Chalet-Hotel – Switzerland

Nestled in one of Switzerland’s most iconic ski resorts is a newly refurbished chalet-hotel and private member’s club, which in our opinion has one of the finest interiors around! Not at all biassed (…did we say that…!), we are proud to have been invited to be part of the effort in its refurbishment!

We were originally contacted by the interior designer,in charge of the revamp, as their clients were seeking a very special solution for their bar area. On the ‘wish list’ was an elegant yet faintly industrial bar surround, made from brass.  Initially the finish was not entirely defined, but the goal was to avoid anything too ‘new’ looking, whilst at the same time trying to bring out a range of colours from within the brass to capture the personality of the scheme. Brass has a range of shades and finishes possible, all accentuated or dulled by a variety of patination techniques. We spent quite some time with the client to really hone and agree upon the desired finish. Many samples were produced, photographed and sent as part of this initial decision-making process. This really is a good illustration of how we work with our clients. We don’t rest until it’s perfect!
Once the finishes were agreed, the overall construction of each panel was defined through working closely with the on-site contractors. There were 12 panels in total of varying sizes to accommodate the layout of the bar, which also incorporated an entry-way for the bar staff to access. Each of the 12 panels was entirely hand made for this project, from the surface patination right through to the polished brass framework on each piece. No two were the same! Through the communication with the onsite contractors, we were able to ensure the panels were produced in a way which would allow them to install them in a simple, yet clear an secure way. 

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