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To… great British design and craftsmanship, as without which, our buildings (inside and out) would look quite different!

This project, brought to us by a world-renowned Interior Designer, was to create a large bar and back bar solution for a private house in England. The location for the bar and back bar was in fact to be in the newly constructed Hunting Lodge within the grounds of the estate, which we understand was sadly ravaged by a fire, not so very long ago. Rising from the ashes, new life was brought back and we were hugely proud to be a small part of it.

The bar and back bar solution, were crafted to a traditional design, with features such as reeded inset mouldings, leather and studded metal panels, foot rail and more. It was important to also incorporate the correct materials to cope with modernities such as underfloor heating for example! (The temperature differences from the floor were incredibly important to take into account, ensuring the expansion and contraction wouldn’t cause damage.) The bar also housed a fully plumbed sink, with zones to accommodate draught beer, bottles, glasses and all you would expect for a bar solution. The back bar incorporates bottle storage in a lattice design together with traditional shelving. No bar is complete without bar stools, as such a set of 6 bespoke, matching bar stools were produced to the same finishes as were specified through out. 

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