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Without reflection, we go blindly on our way… M.J. Wheatley

When brand new and shiny just won’t do, we often look to the old for inspiration and there is sometimes nothing better than a piece of antique mirror glass which exudes character and personality, brining a space to life! The reflections from an aged mirror are kinder and softer like a bride under a veil !

Soft reflections…

Mirrors have been around for almost as long as human civilisation itself, with the first ‘mirror’ likely to have been a reflection in water… ever since then, we have been obsessed with looking at ourselves! Mirrors have been achieved through many methods such as polished brass discs, used by the Egyptians and cast bronze used in China, dating back millennia.

Glass mirrors as we recognise them today began to grace hands and walls as early as the 1300s and it is the effect of time on some of these early mirrors which has become so appealing and sought after today. As with many antiques, they are not always viable in terms of condition or budget! Genuine antique mirror glass can be very delicate and brittle, making it a challenge for modern use.


We provide an antique mirror glass service, where we take brand new mirror glass and patinate to various amounts of ageing, giving the appearance of an antique piece of mirror glass, but without the same level of fragility.

Antiqued mirror glass…

Antiqued mirror glass brings gentleness to a space, which can be less stark than un-blemished new mirror. Of course, they can also add a mysterious and intriguing vibe to both interior and exterior schemes. We produce antique mirror glass for a range of uses, from antique glass splash backs, antique glass wall tiles, antique glass wall mirrors and many more.

If you have a project in which you would like to incorporate antique mirror glass, please get in touch – we’d love to hear about it.

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