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Designed and beautifully handmade by our craftsmen in England

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Ready-to-go Designs


We offer our Ready-to-go tables in two sizes, in either copper or zinc topped. These tables are all made, coloured, patinated and finished by hand in our workshops in the South of England. Each table is tailor-made to order and is unique through the way it has been handcrafted. Each table is full of character and its appearance will continue to change and evolve over its lifetime.


We offer our Ready-to-go rails in a variety of sizes and styles for different uses. All of our rails from clothes rails to kitchen rails to blanket rails (and more in-between) are tailor-made to order and are handmade and finished in our workshops in England. Each piece is made from the finest quality materials.

Tack and Saddle Racks

Through the development of our system of parts we have designed a Ready-to-go range of equestrian products. Our saddle rack and complementary items are tailor-made to order and are handmade and finished in our workshops in England. Each piece is made from the best possible materials.

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