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Private Stables – Devon

This project truly brought ‘at your fingertips’ ease to a stables in Devon! A private home in the Devon countryside, set in idyllic surroundings invited us to make the process of ‘tacking up’ a whole lot more convenient! The set of stables were housed in a very old, period brick building. The layout of the period-style stables gave a wonderful space to the horses, but not quite so much space to the walk-ways surrounding them. The tack room was also not quite as close as the owners would have liked, so … in true Andrew Nebbett Designs’ style, we worked towards a solution which would be both elegant and practical!

The result was a set of individual tack racks comprising a saddle rack and bridle rack for each horse, which was mounted on a framed back board and attached to each stable door, enabling the tack to be immediately available for each horse (no more lugging tack from tack room to horse!).

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