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By now, few people will be unaware of the situation surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic in the UK and overseas. So, undoubtedly 2020 will be forever etched into our memories.

Andrew Nebbett Designs remains attentive to the guidance issued by the Government in respect of safe working conditions and so provisions have been made for our office team members to work remotely where possible. We would like to reassure clients that progress is being made in the workshops .

We want you to know that our Design Studio remains open and available to you. The design team are working as normal thanks to the marvels of the internet, largely from remote locations, but very well connected, so please do send through your design requests, problems, dreams and challenges.  We are welcoming new requests at this time! So often, projects are up against tight timescales. One commodity many of us seem to have more of, right now, is time… so we invite new and potential projects to be sent through to us, to enable those all-important discussions and considerations to take place now, whilst we have time to really scratch our heads and think! So… send us an email, pick up the phone… whatever you prefer and let us start helping you to find the solutions your projects are going to need when life is ‘up and running’ again!

The area of our work which has naturally paused is that of installations and some deliveries. For all those clients affected in this respect, we will keep in direct contact and we are ready to send our team when it is safe for us to do so again. For anyone affected in this way, rest assured that we are keeping your pieces safe and sound and will be in touch with you at the earliest possible opportunity to re-schedule.

Let’s not waste this gift of time which has been thrust upon us!

Wishing everyone good health at this time.

With kindest regards and best wishes,

Andy and Christine Nebbett

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